The Story of Airborne Honey

Airborne Honey was established in 1910 on Banks Peninsula, New Zealand and is owned by the founding family. Every jar is over 130+ years of laboratory experience and a comparative database containing more than 40,000 records adheresing to the International CODEX standard (國際食品法典委員會) for honey.

Our Best Sellers

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Blend Floral Range

Raised with the classic “blue and white label with the bee on it that the kids will love

Classic Floral Range

Premium MONOFLORAL honey range of New Zealand native single nectar sources

Manuka Range

Uses the international CODEX standard to define with the purity of every jar of Airborne Manuka Honey

Honey Lozenges

Effective at soothing sore throats, coughs and colds as they are made almost ENTIRELY from Manuka and Honeydew honeys

The Airborne Standard


Unfiltered Honey: Airborne Measures The Pollen Percentage And Total Pollen Per 10G.


Verifying The Honey Is Undamaged By Heat: We Measure The Hmf Level As Mg/Kg.


Scan Our Traceme Qr Code To Check The Variety, Quality And Origin Of The Honey In Your Jar.

Airborne shows the product batch numbers clearly onto the label that enables you key into Airborne proprietary quality systems to track each lot of honey supplied from the apiary site to the jar sitting on your table.

All the jars and caps are made by polyethylene terephthalate and lids are made by polypropylene which both are recyclable and contains the number for easy identification.