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Explore and restore your 'best self' with our range of 100% natural infusions; each made using nature's finest botanicals, herbs and roots.

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 “Nothing Less than the best”

– company motto from The Famous Book of Herbs, Heath & Heather Ltd., 1955.

Here is all about
The Power of Tea

Heath & Heather is tailored to your tastes, your moods and your needs. We want you to  discover the best version of you that you can be. Obey your thirst for the raw power of nature and become a healthier, happier superhuman!

Organic certified through Soil Association

This means that Heath & Heather can be trusted, knowing that all organic ingredients have been sourced from certified suppliers who have the same love and care for the environment as Heath & Heather does. 

National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH)

Heath & Heather has an exclusive partnership with the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH), whose expertise in herbalism gives us inspiration and advice to help us create products that stay true to the philosophy of our founders.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Heath & Heather believes it’s not enough that only our tea is green. We look at every step of the journey, from making sure there are recycling stations around the office, to reaching the amazing “zero waste to landfill” goal within our factory. We also monitor our carbon footprint and ran an extensive project with Peel Ports to minimise road miles through our supply chain.

The History of Heath & Heather

During this era, it became important to grow your own food across farms, gardens and allotments. 


Samuel Ryder moved South to St Albans due to its good railway connections and postal services, to setup a mail order business selling seeds in ‘penny packets.’


Samuel co-founded the herbal merchants business, Heath & Heather Limited, with his elder brother, James.


The Ryder family opened an Exhibition Hall in St. Albans displaying beautiful flower beds, with plants grown from their seeds



The Heath & Heather herbal remedy business grew to include 46 shops, as well as supplying various health food retailers and chemists. The Ryder brothers sold this retail business to Associated Health Foods in 1968, changing hands again, to Booker McConnell in 1970.

Today, the Heath & Heather brand retains the same passion for herbs and botanicals that its family founders held back in the early 1900’s.

The brand still embodies all the traditional principles of growing natural and organic ingredients; aiming to supply effective Herbal Remedies to a modern-day population who, more than ever, require natural solutions to enhance health and wellness in busy or stressful environments.