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Treasures of the hive! 

With four generation of tradition and care, Fulmer apiary has been able to deliver our honeys to thousands of families all over the world in the past 90 years and continuously to do the best to serve the increasing demand in the truest way which guarantees the best possible quality. 

Nectar & Honey

"We only take about 20% of their honey during a season, but in exchange, we keep the bees in a pleasant environment, in excellent hives, we protect them from diseases and nourish them."

Honey, as Natural as It Can Be

Honeycomb is made from the soft wax that is built by the bees which is later filled with their delicious spring acacia honeys.

The secret of Fulmer's honey

It's about RAW & PURE

A Great Source

Works with the European keekeepers to serve the increased demand.


Every bottle of Fulmer honeys is tested five times from lab by the time it gets form the hive to the customers.


Fulmer works with only the best and most modern technologies to maintain the quality and to protect the honey natural values.

Raw & Unfiltered

Fulmer always handles honey on the warmth of a sunny summer day which is similar at its best in its original form in the beehive to minimize the influence to the honey.

How Fulmer's honey is made?

Watch the video to know more about the art of beekeeping and the process of careful packaging in Fulmer's factory.

The history of Fulmer Apiary

It's all start from the tradition & care 


György Fulmer, great-grandfather of Fulmer family, established the apiary with only a few hives.


The Fulmer Apiary has grown to be one of the most beautiful apiaries in Somogy County.


Ferenc Takács established his apiary with the gift of few hives by his mentor in exchange for his help at the farm. 


György Fulmer’s daughter, Mária and Ferenc Takács got married, uniting the two beekeeper families.


Mária and Ferenc’s children carrying on the family business with the tradition.


Ferenc establishes a honey packaging company, growing it to the largest in Hungary by the '90s


As the fourth-generation has come to age, they start beekeeping under the family mentorship.


By now Fulmer Honey can be enjoyed in nearly 40 countries around the World and the fifth-generation is starting the first day in the family apiary.