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The History of Whittard

Over 130 years of experience, and their team of professionals from all over the world sourcing the finest wide range of Tea and Coffee; Cocoa and Instant Tea and Tableware. 

We All Deserve a Little Joy

With everything that's going on in the world, be sure to take times for others, and yourself. Make a mugful of something special - and breathe

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Best of British (Exclusive range for Natural Ponti)



Tea Discoveries

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Alice in Wonderland

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“We’ve come a long way since 1886 and we wanted to showcase the diversity of the Whittard brand today. We’re proud of our evolving range of exceptional products, unique in-store experience and friendly expertise. And we think our founder Walter Whittard would be too. We hope you like our video as much as we do!”

Keira, Whittard's Brand Manager 

Brew the perfect cup of tea

Everyone's got a different way of making tea. Whittard has spent over 130 years honing our technique for the perfect cuppa: here's a few of Whittard not-so-secret tips, from water temperature to infusion time.