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Origin Tea is so special since it desires for quality

Origin Tea is a family-owned Australian Tea company, sourcing straight from its own plantations in Sri Lanka, delivering directly some  of the world's finest, freshest and purest teas with safety guarantee.

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Single Origin

Origin Tea is having her own tea estates that all teas are from one location giving full traceability, consistency and the mindset of quality without compromise.


With 16,000 hectares of tea, across 36 different estates, Origin Tea has developed some of the most unique tastes, based on elevation, soil types, growing conditions and a few other secrets Origin Tea might just keep up her sleeves. Origin Tea believes her tea is as fresh as the gardens.

T4Change & your cup of tea

The in-house version of 'Fair Trade' at Origin Tea, working alongside Sri Lankan government officials and non-for-profit organisations to make a positive difference to her employees, ensuring that those working to bring you the finest of teas are well & truly looked after by Origin Tea.

Single Origin Loose Leaf Tea

The finest selection of leaves are handpicked from its estates and processed in-house to give ultimate freshness heavenly aromas.

Pyramid Individually Wrapped Teabags

Nothing away from the full-flavoured exotic taste of Origin Tea luxury pyramid silk net pouches, made from bio-degradable materials which are kind to your health and to the environment.

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Orange Pekoe
Rich body. Pleasant. Very enjoyable tea. Highly recommend.



Orange Pekoe


So refreshing, divine brew
So refreshing, a divine brew. So glad I bought this.!!!


Jane Mikli
English Breakfast



Just the Best
This is my first time ordering from Origin and the Forest Berry Herbal Tea ticked all the boxes for flavour and no additives. Loving it.


Andrew Stevens
Forest Berry



Love it!!
Beautiful tea. Refreshing and relaxing


Kim Ruthenberg


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