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Japanese Pure Honey Umeshu

Let's recover from exhaustion with healthy way! Brew your own honey plum wine which is the traditional Japanese liqueur made from ume fruit in this summer with the natural sweetener - Honey instead of sugar.

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Asparagus Risotto With Turri G Olive Oil

There are just a few steps that, although quite simple, require a little attention, but the result is well worth it: this refined risotto beautifully offsets the delightful flavour of this versatile and delicate vegetable.

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Rosemary, lemon, honey & macadamia oil cake

The rosemary is a taste sensation in this lemon and honey cake. Macadamia oil and ground almonds add a humble nutty flavour to the cake and help keep it moist yet light.

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Flu-Fighter Tea

How to make the strongest weapon against those nasty flues during Fall? Well, add lemon for C-Vitamin, a little ginger as cough suppressant and honey for your sore throat. Serve it hot and you will instantly feel better! Not only healthy and serves as a natural cure for flue, but also a delicious drink to warm one’s soul.

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Victoria Sponge with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A simple, yet delightful cake, featuring extra virgin olive oil instead of butter. This unusual Victoria sponge is perfect for a light snack.

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Lemon Ginger Soother

This zesty drink is especially perfect for soothing throats during cold season. Enjoy!

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Dalgona Coffee

Also named Whipped Coffee, which a hot topic recently all over social media people are taking it as a challenge.  Simple ingredients and easy way to success. DIY your Dalgona Coffee with our coffee today!

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